Emily’s House Rug Shop on 204 Battersea Park Road!

harlequin rug

So happy to share this news!

We have reached our new destination with Emily’s House London; I opened my very own carpet shop on 204 Battersea Park Road! No sharing space, no warehouse,… a proper single brand carpet shop!

Is this the right timing? Covid19 is all over…. true and it did make me think twice… but there is no time to think too much… my passion for colour, beautiful carpets and vintage rugs does not get any lesser so no better time to push forward.


From a young age I was surrounded by beautiful interiors as my parents had furniture shops and thought me all about design, aesthetics and different forms of artistic expression.

Although being their “younger generation”, my taste is ironically much less contemporary then theirs. I love vintage and antique things and feel most at peace in bold and colourful surrounding.

Carpet shop Battersea park road

This translates into my rug collection having lots of colourful rugs. Yet the simple Beni Ouarain rugs or plain design Berber rugs are always great all rounders and work well in many different interiors.

Then there is also the collection of extra large handwoven carpets, with sizes as big as 250x350cm or 300x400cm. They are great for the larger living room or to create a floating seating area. All rugs are one-off pieces, handmade with excellent wool quality using traditional weaving techniques.

If you want to come and see the rugs in real, please visit by appointment, on 204 Battersea Park Road.

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