How our Extra-Large Rugs Fit In With Current Colour Trends 

spiced honey

We’re very proud of our collection of (mostly) new, extra-large, handwoven pile rugs and kilims. At an average size of 250 x 350cm, they work particularly well in living rooms and bedrooms, where they can cover vast areas and help to add notable colour and pattern to the room. As well as cosiness.

Choosing the perfect pattern and design, however, can be tricky. So to help you whittle down the options, we’ve been exploring some of the colour trends from this year – as declared by a few of our favourite paint brands – and are suggesting the extra-large rugs from our collection that would work in such colour schemes. Below the three different moods we’ve selected as a starting point, are provided by Dulux, Mylands and Farrow & Ball. The rugs we’re showcasing thereafter, will work equally well in bedrooms, living rooms, large hallways and even – in the case of kilims especially – kitchens and dining rooms. Which colour scheme do you like best?


Spiced Honey, the colour of 2019 from Dulux. Image from Dulux

At the beginning of the year, Dulux announced its colour for 2019 as the wonderfully warming caramel shade, Spiced Honey. This brown tone can work as a neutral – albeit quite a daring one – on top of which you can layer richer, more vibrant shades such as deep terracotta and shades of pink and red. The colour has a slightly 70s feel, but with the contrasting shades its teamed with in this bedroom, it feels fresh and new. Try with our terracotta Berber rug or why not pink for a similar flavour? For pattern lovers, try our colourful mosaic design. The overall effect is cocooning either way. Dulux has also reminded us of the power of blue with brown thanks to that stripe feature on the wall.


Shop for our terracotta Berber rug here, and kingsize pink Berber rug here

Shop for our colourful mosaic rug here

Gorgeous greys

New greys from Mylands for 2019. Image from Mylands

At some point in the recent past, grey became the everyone’s first choice for their latest decorating project. It was hailed the new neutral by every decorating magazine and blog, and began popping up in all the nicest restaurants, shops and bars. Then, it slightly overwhelmed and people started wearily referring to it as greige. 

Well, Mylands released a new palette of greys this year that rains all over such a negative take on the colour! There is no chill factor to the tones they’ve introduced as many have a putty undertone, and this has refreshed our interest in grey all over again. Note how well they work together as a quiet gradient and once you’ve chosen your grey paint, add furniture and textiles in contrasting greys. We’ve got two suggestions for this look. For a muted architectural feel try our Berber design with its subtle grid pattern and, for something slightly more statement-making, our grey lime green kilim. 

please shop for our large grey and lime green kilim here

Workwear blue

De Nimes, one of nine new colours from Farrow & Ball in 2019. Image from Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball launched nine new paint colours for 2019, including this elegant blue, De Nimes, which they’ve described as feeling down to earth. Its name references the cloth (which is a bit like denim) that is used to make everyday workwear in the French city Nimes and it seems to work well in country homes and contemporary buildings alike. In the dining room shown here, we love both how the jackets and indigo tablecloth look against the duller paint tone and, taking this as a cue, we felt our large blue kilim would add the same feeling. 

Alternatively, as the small Boucherouite by the door shows, you could add some uplifting pastel shades to the mix with our Harlequin rug. Both rugs will do a different job, but both, in our opinion, will look magical.

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