Bespoke Handwoven Rugs 

Within the bespoke handwoven rugs you can find thick braided jute rugs, contemporary flatweaves, handwoven pieces with short pile and new made Beni Ouarain rugs. All can be made in your favourite colour combo and size! 

The production time for a bespoke rug is about 3 months.

Selecting the right style:

Rugs help to set the tone of a room so it is important you decide on the feeling that you are trying to achieve. Whether the mood is luxurious, elegant, casual, contemporary or traditional, your rug will serve to enhance this feeling.

I personally love geometric designs as they are pleasing to the eye and help instil a sense of calm and order (and I love order!). Low-pile rugs such as flatweaves and hand-knotted pieces with a short pile are best for dining rooms and areas with some footfall. Alternatively, our Moroccan Beni Ouarain rugs are great to add texture, like in bedrooms or living rooms.  They have a calm and minimalistic look and add comfort underfoot.

Selecting the size:

When it comes to selecting the size of the rug, each room is different, however here are some guidelines that are worth keeping in mind!

Sitting room: The front legs of the sofa or armchairs should sit on the rug and there should be an overhang of at least 15cm at the sides

Bedroom: The most popular options are to either sit a large rug underneath the whole bed, bearing in mind a large proportion will be covered, or to opt for a runner on one or both sides of the bed. In either case, there should be a 20cm gap between the side tables and the edge of the rug, still ensuring that there is some rug to land on when getting out of bed.

As a rule of thumb, you should allow an overhang of at least 45cm at the base and sides. Personally I prefer it slightly more generous, with an overhang of about 60cm to 85cm, depending on the size of the room and furnitures.

Dining room: Low-pile rugs such as flatweaves and hand-knotted pieces with a short pile are best here so chairs can slide in and out without catching. The rug should also be large enough so that the chairs do not fall off the edge when pulled out.

A rule of thumb the chairs should sit on the rug with an overhang of about 20cm. Alternatively, measure the dining table and add approximately 120cm-150cm to the length and/or width, depending on the shape of the table and layout of the room.


Bespoke Kilims and flatweaves 

bespoke pink cream kilim rug turkish handwoven rug

If pink is not your thing, then why not try this in teal blue – cream, or maybe this striped design in bottle green or beige colour combo?



Please click here to see more images of this gorgeous blue kilim rug

For runner options, please click here


Bespoke Bordered Flatweave, made with hand-spun wool.


Bespoke Beige and Brown Geometric Striped Kilim Beige and Brown Geometric Striped Kilim

Bespoke Striped Kilim in beige and cream or a colour combo at your choice.


BESPOKE Checkerboard Carpet

Handwoven with premium wool, this checkerboard rug design is simple yet sophisticated! Please click here for more info.

It is hand knotted with excellent wool and dyes and more in particular the use of handspun wool. The latter gives the rug extra depth, instead of using solid block colours, and translates in a more sophisticated and softer look and feel.

It is handmade with very soft wool and a very short pile height. The low pile makes it work in many different rooms: it works as a living room rug as well as in kitchen areas or in hallways.

BESPOKE Checkerboard Carpet - Bespoke Size&Colour Combo

Bespoke Beni Rugs

Black and White Moroccan Berber Rug Simple Geometric Design    

Beni rugs are great to add texture for example in bedrooms or living rooms.

See what is available for immediate delivery in Beni Ouarain rugs, please click here.


Bespoke Jute Rugs 

Our bespoke jute rugs have a thick plain braided weave with slightly raised borders at the ends. they are thick braided, heavy weight and reversible. They are ‘natural blonds’ with a soft texture and plain woven design.

They come in size 244x300cm or 244x330cm! To read more about our jute carpets ready for immediate delivery, please click here

These jute carpets can also be made bespoke. Please get in touch for a price estimate. Its lead time is about 3 months.




  Jute rug thick braided new made handwoven jute carpet 244x300cm












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