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After losing some hours on the black hole of design that is Pinterest, we thought we’d bring you some of our findings on a room that’s currently piqueing our interest – the bathroom. Despite being a functional space that’s constantly exposed to water, the bathrooms that we love are places where textiles form a major part of the design.

As long as your bathroom has decent ventilation, there’s no need to worry about adding natural fabrics such as wool and linen. Rugs for instance are a treat, an indulgence in the bathroom – as are curtains, even shower curtains if they’re made from proper heavy linen or similar (not plastic!). It does mean making sure you keep on top of laundering these textiles, but don’t be put off by this – we’d advise you to do the same for a rug in any room. Here’s a small edit of the bathroom moodboard we’ve been making to explain the look in more detail…

All images from Pinterest, including full credits

Included is Gert Voorjans exotic house (bottom centre) where a colourful Tulu rug sits in the space where you’d normally find a humble bath mat. Top left, meanwhile, is from new holiday apartments Casa Cau in Rome, where a Boucherouite makes a more practical choice – made from cotton, Boucherouites could not be easier to wash.

Soft pure wool neutral rugs also look great in any bathroom as shown in both a minimal one – with Lucy Bathurst textiles on the window (bottom left) – and a more flamboyant one – by American designer Natalie Clayman, where a pink shower curtain and Nina Campbell Swan Lake wallpaper add all the colour that’s needed. The final image above (top middle) was chosen because the shower curtains are made from pure linen and drape wonderfully, heavily from a handsome brass rail. Much like Gert’s Tulu rug, this seems like the height of luxury in a bathroom.

All images from Pinterest, including full credits

The above ideas all use rugs to make a statement with colour, pattern or shape. No wonder top left’s circular number has proved too enticing for the owner’s sleeping dog.

Off the back of our Pinterest-fest, we had a play about with several of our own rugs in the showroom. Fancy seeing some of our favourite results?

Yastik mat from Emily’s House London

This is a deep red Yastik mat. Yastiks are actually perfectly sized for bathrooms being almost identical in dimensions to convetional bath mats. They are also hardwearing and of course very good looking. Use them to add a strong hit of pattern.

Yastik mat from Emily’s House London

The pinks and orange of this Yastik make a great contrast with the yellow wallpaper and we love its strong graphic design against the prettier floral wall.

Turkish Kilim rug from Emily’s House London

More faded tones define this Turkish Kilim rug so it adds colour much more subtly, which we think works well in this more traditional and neutral room.

What do you think, will you be embracing textiles in the bathroom? Keep track of our ever-evolving Pinterest board for more ideas as we find them.

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