Fitting rugs in with this season’s colour trends

Colour is a purely subjective thing of course, but just like in fashion, in interiors each year new trends emerge and we become totally gripped by them. It’s fun to see how each new wave filters down from big brands to smaller makers, or in many cases the other way around. Happily, unlike in fashion, interiors trends stick around for a bit longer, our homes being less easy to mess around with so readily. If you buy cleverly too, trend-led pieces that are beautiful and well made will last the distance and merge into the fabric of your home forever.

With this in mind we wanted to distill some of the interiors colour trends emerging for 2015 via mood boards of objects we think are beautiful (yes including nougat!) from makers and shops we admire. We also wanted explore and share with you how to fit these trend ideas with our rugs. The faded colours in all of our carpets are a really important part of why we choose them, speaking of the age and history of the crafted pieces and giving them a special quality.

Below you’ll find three key colour trends. Click the links to find the pieces in both our mood boards and our rug collages…

Trend 1: Ice cream colours

This needs little explanation, but is less ‘pretty-pretty’ than you might imagine. Think faded, slightly murky Gelato colours – pistachio, strawberry, chocolate, mint green – which together look wonderful and fresh, especially when grounded with an unexpected accent of bold red or black.

Images clockwise from top left: Smallable, Siecle paints, Friars, Paul Smith / Anglepoise, My Friend’s House, HAY, My Friend’s House, Benjamin Hubert.

Images top row from left: Painter’s Palette, Pastel Mosaic, Spring Pansies Bottom row from left: Pastel, violet and beige kilim, Diagonal LinesPastel Squares


The colours of nature around us have such a soothing effect on the soul that it makes sense that we’d want them indoors too. Plants are obviously a huge trend, but this colour trend extends to furniture, lighting, paint, ceramics. Just like the ice cream colours above, green also loves a little jolt of something else – red, pink or burnt orange for instance.

Images clockwise from top left: Ochre, Muller Van Severen / Viaduct, own, Peantreath & Hall, Gina Marris / The New Craftsmen, Dietland Wolf Ceramics, Merci (linen)

Images top row from left:Turkish Tulu Carpet, Moss green and violet Yastik rug, Konya Tulu Rug, Bottom row from left: Turkish Tartan Chaput, Sunny Green Moroccan Rug, Turkish Tulu Carpet

trend 2: eARTHY browns

Brown has been out of favour for a long time, but it’s firmly back. Faded taupes provide a good neutral for walls and carpets, on top of which you can then layer darker browns, caramel, terracotta and beige – think rich materials and textures such as velvet, leather, cord, wood and mohair. There are no real rules and they all work well together.

Top row from left: Gubi, Kirsten Hecktermann, Elisa Strozyk Bottom row from left: HAY, Reiko Kaneko, Kirsten Hecktermann

Top row from left: Turkish Adiyaman Runner, Plain and Simple Muscovado stripes, Mountain Brown with Dotty, Bottom row from left: Brown Earth, Wavy Diamonds Beni Ouarain, detail of Mountain Brown with Dotty (as before)

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