Wrapping up for Christmas

It may be still November, but Christmas is only six weeks away. So it really is time to start thinking presents, especially if you favour avoiding a mad dash in the final week – or worse, the final day – before the big event. To help you get started we’ve put together a Christmas Gift Guide with some of our gorgeous, winter-warmer products to use around the home and about your person (the cosiest blankets). And to celebrate, we’re also offering free worldwide shipping on all orders over £100 until Friday 18th December. Each gift is carefully wrapped with ribbon and an Emily’s House London card, which you can personalise with a message that we’ll hand write for you.

Below are a few suggestions of gifts for your loved ones.


Rolled up into a rich patterned bundle, our small Turkish Yastik mats are perfect stocking fillers. Hailing from Anatolia, Yastiks were originally used as storage sacks before finding a decorative function – often placed horizontally along the back of a sofa. We also use them as bath mats or small textural pieces to help zone rooms – underneath a desk or by the side of a bed for instance. Each of our Yastik mats is unique and comes with a high quality underlay. Each at £75, but if you buy two or more, it qualifies for the free Worldwide shipping. Take a look at some of your favourites below.

…And Hand stitched blankets

We have a selection of hand stitched fabrics in rich, warm colours that conjure up a lovely Christmassy feel. Perfect for your friends or family.


Our collection of hand woven 18th Century vintage French Paisley throws make a lovely versatile gift. They are shawls first and foremost so you can wear them in and out of the home. Equally, they are often used inside the home as blankets thrown over a sofa, chaise longue or bed, and tablecloths – the warm colours setting just the right tone for a luxurious Christmas dinner or just a simple winter supper.

…And Kilims

Kilims are just as multifunctional and not strictly for the floor, although of course they work perfectly as rugs. Employ their rich colours as a backdrop for a great feast and you’ll love being able to see the coloured hand stitching of these pieces up close.

The indulgent gift: Azilals and Beni Ouarains

Great as gifts, or maybe even a sneaky gift for yourself because Azilal’s (above) and Beni Ouarains (below) help to get your home ready for Christmas – made from 100% wool and with a soft pile, these one-off handmade pieces warm up your home instantly, and that is just the mood required for Christmas.

We hope we’ve helped you to feel prepared and inspired with these ideas, all of which are hand woven and unique, making them very special for the lucky recipients of your gifts. Visit our Etsy store for more products and drop us a line if you have any enquiries.

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