Ward-off winter with our cosy bedroom ideas

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place to escape from the rest of the world, unwind, relax and sleep… In winter it’s essential to add elements to your bedroom that make it into a cosy space that you’ll want to hibernate in. Below we explore the best ways of adding warmth to your bedroom with texture and textiles that feel as good as they look.

Pile on contrasting textures

In summer the cool sensation of sleeping on crisp white bedlinen is just the thing, but in winter we want to feel cocooned. Perhaps it’s some primal memory of snuggling up on animal skin in our caves that makes textures like sheepskin, leather and wool seem a natural choice in winter. Piling the bed with linens and throws in contrasting textures creates both a wonderful feeling of insulation, and also provides visual interest.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

During the winter months our homes can be starved of natural light, but rather than fight against it, we say embrace the short days with a dark colour scheme. Rooms with black, inky blue, rich brown or deep purple walls feel wonderfully dramatic, and subtly enclosing. A dark colour scheme can be dramatic or snug, depending on how your dress it. Just bear in mind that a single hit of contrasting colour – a vivid red or a tangy mustard – will add a real punch and lift your mood.

Add some weight

The simplest way to give your bed a cosier feel is to add some weight to your bedding, something that will hold the duvet down and give a comforting sense of being enclosed. A real wool throw or traditional Welsh blanket is ideal for this, but so are some light-weight rugs. Many of our lighter-weight Kilims and vintage throws are perfect for this, large enough to drape dramatically over the bed and onto the floor, and adding rich colour and cosiness to your year-round white bedlinen.

Make a rug the focal point

From the moment your feet peep out from under the duvet make sure there is something soft and warm underfoot. Whether your bedroom has bare floorboards or is already carpeted, the addition of a large-scale rug will add extra softness, comfort and enhance the room’s feeling of warmth. When it comes to the size and placing of your rug, you need to think both visually and in a tactile way. A large rug leading your eye across the room towards the bed, or which frames the whole bed area, will have a big impact, as well as covering the areas you walk across most.

Cover the walls

It isn’t just the floor that can make your bedroom feel chilly. Large expanses of bare wall – so cool and elegant in summer – can soak up both visual and actual warmth during the winter months. Covering an area of wall will make a dramatic difference, whether it’s by adding an upholstered headboard or hanging a tapestry or rug. We love this idea, as it adds texture, visual interest, softens noise and also highlights a rug as the work of art it is. Place behind the headboard to add a real sense of drama and importance to the bed area.

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