Update – 2 weeks left of the Hay vintage pop up

Since Anne Langkilde Lie Kaas shared her travel tips for Copenhagen, we’ve been hankering for a trip to the Danish capital. She has now sent us some pictures of her pop up shop at Bredgade and the feeling just increased! The collection of over 400 of our rugs looks fantastic in the townhouse – and thanks to the unique nature of each piece, the interior has taken on a different look to last year’s pop up. For instance, there are some stand out (faded) colours present in the range, such as blush pink, brown and burnt orange – on trend! – and these sit alongside a whole host of electric shades – blues, greens and reds – in the Azilals. To use a tired phrase, there is something for everyone.

There are still just over two weeks left of the pop up so go along if you can.

This grey Beni Ouarain is a fantastic piece for bringing a darker neutral to your interior. It looks rich with the navy velvet upholstered Hackney sofa (Wrong for Hay) and is uplifted by hotter colours, such as the subdued orange side table. The same orange is picked out behind in some of the Azilals, which makes for a nice complete scene.

With Memphis a big interior trend story right now, steal the look by going for a rug with graphic colours from the aesthetic – the Azilal in the foreground of this image (red, blue and green) is perfect. We also love some of the more bizarre clashes in these pieces, such as mustard with orange-red, coral pink with blue and purple with fuchsia and orange.

Blush pink is having a big moment in fashion and interiors just now and a rug in this shade is a great way of introducing the colour into your home – the colour works as a neutral.

Anne has stacked up the Boucherouites and Beni Ouarains in homage to a typical Moroccan souk. There are also plenty of little corners styled up to give you ideas for how to use your rugs at home.

HAY pop-up store is open now until 4 October at 26 Bregade, Copenhagen

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