Pillow talk

Yastik cushions

We’re getting all our new stock in order for spring and summer and wanted to highlight today our vintage Kilim cushions. These are handmade in Turkey using old Yastik grain bags, which are highly decorative as you can see. They’re also 100% wool. We especially love the cushion covers that feature handmade patches where the Yastik’s have needed repairing – such imperfections underline the craftsmanship and individuality of each handmade piece. Hard to imagine these as anything so utilitarian as a grain bag!

Obviously, we also think they offset our rugs too and have been trying them out around the showroom with eye-popping results.

Another item that we’re selling, and also repurposed, are these papier mache containers shown above. Originally used as storage trays for grain and rice, they’re from China. We have hundreds in stock and each one is slightly different decoratively, to the next.

Hot orange tones are having a real moment in interiors just now, but don’t let that put you off if you tend to shy away from trends – because the pieces are so timeless they transcend fashion.

Find more on our Etsy site and if you’re a wholesaler please do drop us a line to make an appointment at our showroom on St James’s Park.

Indoor camping shoot

The cushions along with some of our rugs, were recently selected for a photo shoot about ‘indoor camping’ by creative duo Solesbury & Worthy – stylist Eliza Solesbury and photographer Claire Worthy – in anticipation of the festival season.

Their playful idea is a great showcase for why the rugs are so versatile in appealing to your children (or childish instincts) as well as you.

Eliza was a set decorator for many years, working with directors such as Paul Greengrass and Michael Apted on films including Bourne Ultimatum and Enigma. Claire’s portfolio includes a project that spanned six months of her shooting the locations, film stars and crews of Bolywood. So both artist’s are used to dealing with colourful exotic interiors and we love how they’ve worked with our rugs.

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