Our rugs, Jamb and The World of Interiors

This bedroom in the Spitalfields home of Antiques specialist and Jamb founder Will Fisher and his wife Charlotte Freemantle is a feast for our textiles-loving eyes. It featured in the January 2016 issue of The World of Interiors and we’re pleased as punch that at the end of the perfectly dressed bed, the view is of…

… one of our Moroccan Beni Ouarain rugs! Will and Charlotte bought several pieces from us and it’s been inspiring to see how they have dotted them around this, their latest house project.

You might already know about Will’s work from his shop in London’s Pimlico where he has built Jamb into a widely respected destination for 17th, 18th and 19th Century antique and reprodution chimney pieces, fire grates, lighting and furniture. As a self-confessed antiques-obsessive, Will also has a brilliant knack for crafting eclectic interiors that are classical, English country house-style and yet also somehow thoroughly modern.

The couple’s Spitalfields house is a former wig maker’s and, unlike its surrounding buildings, was not listed. Its mixed background gave the owners the courage to approach its renovation with a creative hand, rather than following a strict Georgian aesthetic that they might have tended towards had they been dealing with one of the neighbouring homes. It has obviously been a labour of love, but the interiors embody a playful feel and as Charlotte told The World of Interiors, “We made everything ourselves, working with our ideal designs, in the materials we wanted to use.”

Read about the project in full over on Will’s blog and while you’re there, you might enjoy his short essay, Footballs and Fireplaces, about how he’s had to adapt to his young children’s decorating ideas – Yoohoo stickers on Raku pots and all. Any interiors-obsessed parents out there will be able to identify.

If you like the rugs that Will and Charlotte selected, don’t hesitate to come and see us at the showroom so we can help you find something similar.

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