New rug collection unveiled

Back in June we mentioned that we were sorting through piles of new stock. Since then we’ve been doing some serious organising plus a brand new photo shoot. So today we can reveal the key looks from the new collection in a series of gorgeous settings. As you will see, we’ve got neutrals and brights, flatweaves and knotted piles, mats, runners and plenty of huge statement rugs. In other words something for everyone. The collection is juxtaposed with furniture and accessories from HAY and WRONG for HAY along with a few of our own accessories – for instance an antique saddle bag and Chinese bench – all of which sit perfectly with our crafted textile pieces.

We hope you like the results as much as we do. Below we’ve also included information about the types of rugs you can see so you can get a sense of their origins – to us, this is a huge part of why these beautiful textiles are so magical.

Azilal rugs

This is a vintage Azilal rug whose motif delicately picks out the colours of the furniture it’s sitting with. These medium pile rugs come from the Azilal region of Morocco in the central High Atlas mountains and they are made from 100% pure wool. Most Azilals feature a background of natural cream/beige wool with geometric Berber motifs in colourful wool and more recent Azilals sometimes also incorporate synthetic fibres to create the motifs. Our collection covers quite a variety of Azilals from the more neutral to the eye-popping colourful pieces that work just as well on your walls.

The vintage saddle bag shown over the bench is perfect for storing magazines in

Caput Kilim rugs

Turkish Caput kilims are hardwearing flat weaves handmade by Nomadic people, using cotton and goat hair, for everyday life. They are the Turkish version of rag rugs (Boucherouites) in that they mix up materials. To us they work just about anywhere – as well as using them as conventional carpets, we use them to drape on beds as blankets, or over chairs. Full of colour, the tones in some rugs are quite muted (above) although in others are a bit more vibrant (below), so it’s easy to find a fit for your own personal taste.

Turkish Yastik mats on the stool are made from old grain sacks. They make great bath mats or add a splash of pattern to small areas of the home

Beni Ouarain rugs

It’s no wonder that Beni Ouarains have become so fashionable. They are super luxurious, highly crafted carpets made from 100% wool and they come in vast sizes so you can fill large rooms easily with them. Their neutral white base with evocative and unique tribal patterns make them adapt to pretty much any setting.

Made by the Beni Ouarain tribe in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco they’ve been a favourite of design-lovers for decades and have been spotted in hundreds of classic Modernist buildings by designers such as Alvar Aalto. More recently they’ve been photographed in the homes of interior designer India Madhavi and tastemaker Jenna Lyons. Truly failsafe, classic pieces.

Zeki Muren rugs

Picture with the Zeki Muren rug is some of our Turkish Yastik cushions.

These rugs emerged in the Art Deco era and their patterns were designed by the flamboyant Turkish artist and musician Zeki Muren, who was known as the “Turkish Liberace”. Hand knotted with a wool blend, they are hardwearing, colourful, geometric and gorgeous. Jewels and sweets come to mind when looking at these creations.

All photography by Benjamin Swanson

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