Our Stripes Forever collection suits minimalistic loft style interiors particularly well. Alternatively our range of New Made Rugs are made from 100% wool and are sure to add a contemporary yet warm look to any room. Our section runners offers hallway rugs in neutral colours and daring geometric patterns. If it’s colour you’re after, our Poetic Mosaic rug section offers small to medium sized rugs in bright and pastel multi-coloured patterns. Therefore they are great for children’s rugs or rooms that need a splash of colour. Furthermore, our Simple Pleasures collection includes our oldest and most rare carpets. These vintage rugs will effortlessly inject elegance, style and character into any room.

Rug Sizes

Vintage rugs have stood the test of time for one reason: they add character, elegance and sophistication to any room. However their sizes are not always user friendly, therefore our new made rugs with more standard sizings are often an easy choice.
So how small is a “Petit Tapis” or how large is a “Giant Rug”?

  • Our XS rugs have doormat sizes. They work well at an entrance, little corridor, small hallway or in the smallest room of the house.
  • The next size up is a small rug. They measure anything under 170x240cm or just under under 6×9 Feet. This is like a small coffee table rug or for a decorative rug next or behind the bed.
  • Our medium rugs are between 170x240cm and 200x300cm or between 6×9 Feet and 7×10 Feet. They are great to decorate a bedroom or to add charm to a living room.
  • Anything around 200x300cm or 7×10 feet is a large rug. These rugs are highly decorative and are great to cover larger areas. They are very suitable as living room rug or bedroom rug with furniture partly on.
  • For a kitchen rug you would ideally need a size of 200x300cm to have the table and the chairs comfortably on.
  • XL rug sizes are around 250x350cm or 8×11 Feet and in our new-made giant rug collection the carpets often measures 300x450cm or 10×15 Feet. With these sizes you can really create a “room in a room”.
  • Our XL kitchen kilims go as wide as 250x300cm to have your table and chairs comfortably on!

Rug Size Chart Summary

Size Dimentions in CM Dimentions in Feet
XS 170x240cm 6×9 Feet
MEDIUM Between 170x240cm and 200x300cm Between 6×9 Feet and 7×10 Feet
LARGE Approx 200x300cm Approx 7×10 Feet
XL 250x300cm 8×10 Feet


The rug you like most might not be the piece that work best in your home. Selecting the right rug for your home online can be difficult. Therefore we are happy to send over a maximum of five rugs for you to try out in situ without charge, except delivery costs. Alternatively, if you are unhappy about your purchase for any reason, we will find a way to set things right through an exchange or refund, minus shipping costs.