Emily’s House London at 19 Greek Street – 2

If you’re a London-dwelling design nut and haven’t been to 19 Greek Street yet, then we might have just the excuse for you to go there asap…

A six-storey townhouse gallery in the heart of Soho, 19 Greek Street is owned by Marc Peridis who is both a designer and curator. Marc’s mission is to bring design pieces that are beautiful and environmentally-consious into the fabric of our lives – or at least put them firmly in our minds. His philosophy could not be more prominent in 19 Greek Street’s latest exhibition, ‘L’Appartement’, in which, we’re delighted to share, he chose to showcase some of our rugs. These are exhibited in striking roomsets alongside furniture and homeware products by Nina Tolstrup, Marni, Out of the Dark, VIJ5 and Dian Simpson. The premise of the show is to challenge the idea that charitable and sustainable design must sacrifice style – we think it achieves exactly what it sets out to do, cleverly using domestic sets to help visitors understand how they can make such pieces work in their own homes.

We love the way the gallery has placed our rug on an angle here, partially under one of the stools and not lined up at all with the wall. The Rug Lamp by Analogia Project is also wonderfully witty.

This same formula of ‘imperfect positioning’ is present in the bedroom set, where this time the rug helps to zone a little sitting area with Nina Tolstrup’s distinctive chair.

Marc has stated that the building that 19 Greek Street inhabits does not particularly lend itself to being a gallery – and hence that’s why it feels so fresh and unique. We think his eye for unusual design pieces and use of colour also enhances this.
“We have done interiors projects for eight years – most recently working on Saint Martin’s lofts and the Library hotel and private member’s club – but this is the first time we have done an interiors installation in our gallery space,” he says. “The space is quite eclectic, with different patterns and shapes and tones, but it works well because what binds it together mainly is the philosophy behind it.”

All photography by Michael Franke

Marc supports designers and their work based on his instincts and on the criteria that the pieces must be sustainable (or have an element of sustainability) whilst also embodying an experimental feel. This is probably why he’s earned himself a reputation as the Rossana Orlandi of London. We asked him what drew him to our rugs: “We love the rugs, simply because we think Katrien has amazing taste and we love every piece she selects. We also like the ethos of re-use, of conservation and of looking to the past for solutions to spaces today. And we also like the fact that some of the rugs are made from recycled fabrics.”
19 Greek Street’s ‘L’Appartement’ is open now until 16 January.

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