Decorating ideas to steal from the HAY and WfH showroom

The furniture has been shuffled around and there’s a new colour palette in place…the beautiful HAY and WRONG for HAY showroom at 16 Queen Anne’s Gate has had a revamp to bring in the new season and it’s full of lovely ideas for how to position and display your rugs alongside contemporary furniture. Today we’re walking you through the space to share the ideas. But before we do, here’s a peek at our HQ just along the road at number 34 – we’ve taken delivery of lots of lovely new stock and there are piles of rugs everywhere!

Our lovely new stock ready to rifle through at our HQ at number 34 Queen Anne’s Gate.

Don’t forget that if you’re interested in one of our rugs, both wholesale customers and private customers can contact us for an appointment. We can help you to decide on the style (or styles) of rug that works best for your needs.

Now for that tour of number 16… The following corners of the building have been styled in a way that we particularly love, so we’ve distilled them as decorating tips that are easy to steal for your own home.

working with Jewel tones and clashing patterns

To us, this fun corner brings back memories of pressing our faces up to the windows of a sweet shop or peering into an enticing jewellery box for the first time – it’s all about colour and pattern, and it feels fresh and spirited. Most of the pattern comes from the floor – our geometric Yastik rug – which looks wonderful alongside the blocks of colour coming from the Hackney sofa and Serve tables from WRONG for HAY. The Tree Trunk vase and Nathalie du Pasquier cushions (also from WfH) bring more pattern to the mix but in simple black and white, they become graphic, sculptural elements in this room. As you can see, it never hurts to add a plant here and there for a softening reminder of nature. Key colours are emerald green, 50s mint green, shades of lilac and red plus that all important dash of black.

Toning luxury textures

Now here’s a different mood – this is a slightly more grown up, sophisticated corner of living room and it’s all about texture. The sumptuous Caramel leather upholstered Mags Soft sofa from HAY is central to the set up and blends well with one of our large Beni Ouarains. Behind, some Azilal rugs add pattern and colour along with the cushions (from WfH as before).

The colours in this scene have a 70s vibe. Caramel tones well with the large expanse of pinky-red because there is some variation in the latter – the textured Azilal. A blocky red in a flat fabric would look more dull and lifeless.

On the subject of wall hangings….

how to enliven uninteresting corners

…this Azilal  has been positioned directly above the covered radiator – i.e. in a corner that might otherwise be unused or uninteresting. It really works to use furniture and fixtures like this as a guide for positioning your rugs both on the wall and the floor. In doing so you create areas of interest that give your home a designer edge. And isn’t dull mustard a great partner for those zingy blues? Pairing duller shades with more vibrant ‘uppers’ always works.

give your formal dining area a twist

Here’s how to give a formal dining room set up a bit of a shake up. Caput Kilims are the perfect size for placing beneath a large table and help to zone – especially helpful if you live in an open-plan loft or similar. Mixing the table with a bench and chairs shakes up what is otherwise quite a symmetrical scene. You could also add cushions to the bench for extra comfort.

We’d obviously encourage you to have just as many rugs piled up nearby ready for use as are in this set up! But realistically most of us might use the huge Chinese box for holding blankets instead (close up of the box below) and this makes the whole scene transferable to the outdoors too if you have a covered terrace, deck or porch. On the chillier British summer evenings, having blankets nearby is a good idea, especially if you like your parties to linger into the wee hours.

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