Vintage Overdyed Rugs

These are vintage carpets that have been altered and up-cycled to contemporary rugs.
These vintage overdyed rugs are shaved, bleached and subjected to a decoloration process. Afterwards they have been redyed with monochromatic vegetable dyes. Each type of yarn and weave has a different reaction to the decoloration and dyeing process, thus yielding changeable hues and effects. From bold bright shades to natural tones and pastels, these rugs are real examples of past meets present!

Hardwearing and easy maintenance
These vintage Turkish rugs are very hardwearing and low maintenance. With their low shaved pile, they make a fantastic kitchen rug or dining table carpet. Yet with their vibrant colours, they also make a great playroom carpet or a children’s rug. furthermore they can handle some footfall, hence they suit as hotel lobby rug or as boutique hotel carpet.