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carpet moths

A friend of mine bought a rug from Emily’s House a few years ago. It has recently been affected by moths so she calls to ask what she should do?

If the usual household cleaning actions, like hoovering even between the gaps of your floorboards and mopping also underneath all your rugs, don’t prevent moths, there are a few more things you can do!

Moths are common in the UK and they do not differentiate between an expensive carpet or a cheap rug. They are fans of undisturbed corners that are dark as well as warm. This could be underneath a chair you use daily and doesn’t have to be undisturbed in our way of thinking, like the spare guest room or a dark attic corner.

If I see a moth at home, I am all in! They awaken my competitive side and I start looking for small beige dots on the walls to beat! It is important you de-corona-ise the problem at its onset. The longer you wait to act, the bigger the problem becomes. This is terribly true when it comes to moths.

carpet moths

First you have to do some detective work to find out where the moths are actually coming from. If you can’t find it, remember to put your glasses on, you re not that young anymore! Simply removing the item from the room or putting the rug outside in the sunlight, is not going to stop the problem or get rid of the moths. You need to buy a moth spray and spray every 30 days to prevent and every 5-10 days when an infestation is present. In my experience, as a carpet dealer, moth sprays work for both clothes as as well as carpets.

Note that moths are most active in the months Marsh and April, so a bottle of moth spray for Valentines day, is in fact a loving present. It is important you make sure the spray reaches the base of the carpet where the larvae are nesting, just ‘skimming the surface’ is not gonna get you out of trouble this time!

Besides sprays it is also a good idea to buy some pheromone lures, ideally also around Valentines day, when lovemaking is done! They are great monitors for your moth issue, are simple to use an odourless (for us). Note these traps only attract the male moths, so for every moth in the trap there is still a female moth flying round. However it does prevent them from laying eggs and together with the sprays you should get the problem under control.


So what to do with your affected rug? It’s best to get your carpet professionally washed and if there is any damage, have it fixed! Not all carpet cleaners are familiar with carpet restoration, so if you need both done, here is my suggestion:

Moving forward it is a good idea to invest in undercarpet to create and extra layer between the rug and any underfloor that has gaps. Besides lavender bags, moth sprays and lures, you can move to naphthaline balls as a last resort. They have a very strong smell and should be kept out of reach from kids and pets! I personally wrap them up in a wash cloth or cotton bags to avoid any direct contact.

 I m amazed you have managed to read a whole blog post about moths and I m sorry this article doesn’t offer any ‘master solution’, but more a range of smaller actions to help prevent, monitor and minimise the issue. If you have any more questions about your rug, washing, cleaning or restoration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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