Katrien Vermeeren

Katrien Vermeeren first became inspired by rugs and carpets while travelling to the Middle East and Africa. Finding unique and beautiful designs made by local craftspeople – from Berber women to Turkish nomads – she became passionate about the handmade Kilims, beautiful mosaics, vintage Beni Ouarain and Moroccan rugs that she sources and sells today. Each and every rug that Katrien finds, is selected for its unique beauty and will surely add that special twist to your interior!

Clients include HAY, Designer’s Guild, Skandium, The Hackney Draper, Olivia Outred Interior Design and Lucy Elworthy Interior Design.

Where does your passion for interior and rugs come from?

“My parents both worked in furniture and design and had two shops, which as a child I spent all my weekends in, playing hide and seek with my sister under the made-up beds and roller skating between the Cassina and B&B Italia. I always loved interior design and decorating, and also being creative with fabrics, making my own pillows and patchwork backpacks.”

How did you start Emily’s House?

“While travelling with my husband my passion started to get more serious and he encouraged me to start my own company selling carpets and vintage goods. When the Danish brand HAY was looking to add some vintage rugs to its collection, I took that responsibility on and my own brand grew from there.”

What makes the rugs so magical to you?

“I like colour and I like mixing it with …. more colour! Often in a similar palette. I love bold, beautiful rugs adorned with intricate patterns and daring prints. Yet, there are also many plain rugs in the collection. From classic creams to monochrome blues and reds, plain rugs are often easy all rounders that tie a room together. Most rugs in todays collection are made by Berber woman or Turkish nomads. I like that every rug is unique and beautiful in its own way.”

Where do your rugs work best?

“I think our rugs work well in both classic living spaces as contemporary homes. It is also very much about the mix, for example a modern table with chairs on top of a Berber rug. Personally I prefer vintage rugs as they have stood the test of time for one reason: they add character, elegance and sophistication to any room. However, their sizes are not always user friendly and therefore our new made rugs with standard sizings decorate easier. New or old, if placed in the right surroundings, a rug can really add that special twist to a room.”

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